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There are designers who design to make things pretty. And then, there's us. We understand donor behavior as they experience your communications/ fundraising and our work is the result of over 20 years of testing, trying and learning. You'll likely wish you would have just called us in the first place.
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I am an international speaker, marketer, designer, and ranter, with decades of experience in design and direct response and solely focused on the idea of #donorlove. That means I put the donors in the centre of everything I do. From a simple reply form, to visually telling an amazing story through the use of video. 


My specialties include an unnatural nerdliness for direct mail and direct response.


Lindsey is an enthusiastic, well-organized and detail-oriented agent, designer and storyteller with many years of design and editorial experience.
She expertly manages multiple projects while forging unique and effective design solutions. She is a passionate lover of typography and has a deep rooted desire to teach others the proper use of smart quotes, em dashes and four-colour blacks.
Lindsey loves colour, Twizzlers and wants to help save the world one design at a time (and so far so good!).


Veronica Davies is an illustrator, artist, and designer based in Vancouver BC. She has been working in fundraising for more than ten years and enjoys the challenge of effectively communicating with donors to help organizations do their best work. Bringing a concept to life with illustration is a great joy for Veronica and she enthusiastically collaborates with clients to turn their vision into reality. Veronica also loves to walk her two dogs, paint portraits and play the flute.


Sabrina Brandson is a graphic artist in Victoria BC. She is perpetually curious about how to deliver messaging that inspires action.

Her true passion is working in the not-for-profit sector. She aspires to tell heart felt stories that resonates with donors in order to raise much needed funding for a cause. Sabrina is an avid photographer and has recently completed her certificate in professional communication at the University of British Columbia. Sabrina is also a kayaker, downhill skier, cookie baker, and is a two time mother.

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